The FELITHI IN appears as a division of FELITHI COSMETICS Group, that focused on nutri.
Follow a balanced diet is the method most recommended by doctors for those who want to avoid diseases and prevent aging. This is because vitamins and mining in foods help fight free radicals, molecules that degenerate the healthy cells of our body. However, most people do not consume the necessary amounts of nutrients can offer full protection.
Knowing this, the FELITHI IN emerges to supply / reset doeses of vitamins, mineirais, amino acids, fatty acids and proteins that seek to restore possible deficiencies that cause wrinkles, weak nails, hair loss, sagging, and other aesthetic problems and even joints .

What are nutri

Nutricosmetics are supplements that aims to nourish the skin and the body from the inside out.
It contains special active principles such as vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids, etc., which prevent aging, hair loss, strengthening the nails, cellulite and to strengthening the joints.